Sectie-C is a limitless domain merging independent thinkers and authentic doers within a unique, organic culture. Sectie-C is a bastion of new ideas, products and solutions. Sectie-C is populated with talent and skill. Organic collaborations between more then 250 creative entrepreneurs artists, designers, musicians, communicators and craftsmen make Sectie-C an almost self-sustaining enclave.

Sectie-C is a vibrant with studios, workshops, gardens, podiums, exhibitions and labs. A tight community of doers and thinkers where unexpected collisions trigger a spark that stimulates new creations.Freedom governs at Sectie-C, letting its residents create in an original and conscious way.

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Daalakkersweg 2

5641 JA Eindhoven

Board Vereniging Sectie-C - Finance

Mats Horbach

Board Vereniging Sectie-C - Chairwoman

Mies Loogman

Board Vereniging Sectie-C - Secretary

Manon Vosters

Stichting Sectie-C

Esther Jongsma

Organisation DDW

Peggy Dieters-cup

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If you want to be a part of Sectie-C you can rent a space here.

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040 760 1285


Rent & Management Sectie C

Hanne Geenen

Eindhoven is in transition. Sectie-C is in transition. Sectie-C exists of designers and makers who think in possibilities instead of limitations. This characterizes the growing group of creative entrepreneurs perfectly, but in the meantime also has a disadvantage for the place. Why? Because many think that they can do it all by themselves at Sectie-C. And that’s a misunderstanding. The ideas across the vision document are ambitious and can’t be realized without financial support, participation and involvement of third parties. Many inhabitants of Sectie-C are well known beyond the borders of the Netherlands. We would be ignorant if we as the Netherlands, as Noord-Brabant and Eindhoven don’t take the chance to work with these people on Sectie-C to bring the terrain and thus the city Eindhoven to a higher level. The value that will be accomplished will put Sectie-C worldwide and permanently on the map. Everyone profits from that. Sectie-C welcomes you therefore. Opening up to the City. 

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