Sectie-C is a limitless domain merging independent thinkers and authentic doers within a unique, organic culture. Sectie-C is a bastion of new ideas, products and solutions. Sectie-C is populated with talent and skill. Organic collaborations between more then 250 creative entrepreneurs artists, designers, musicians, communicators and craftsmen make Sectie-C an almost self-sustaining enclave.

Sectie-C is a vibrant with studios, workshops, gardens, podiums, exhibitions and labs. A tight community of doers and thinkers where unexpected collisions trigger a spark that stimulates new creations.Freedom governs at Sectie-C, letting its residents create in an original and conscious way.

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If you want to be a part of Sectie-C you can rent a space here.

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Rent & Management Sectie C

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Entrance with a DDW passe-partout: €FREE,-

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Also this year Sectie-C is looking for volunteers! Sectie-C is an unique and authentic terrain and is one of the main locations of Dutch Design Week. We’re welcoming over 25.000 visitors this week. We need your help with guiding and informing them, selling tickets and taking questionnaires! For more information and the application form, click on THIS LINK.


Out Of The Ordinary by Studio Sander Wassink / We Are Human Rights by We Are / 28 Grams Of Happiness by Art Experience by KRL, The Eatelier & Pippens and Justine Kontou / Congratulation-O by Collaboration-O / Studio Steven Banken / Inter//Active Furniture Collection by Enrichers / Stop Motion Gallery by Niels Hoebers Stop Motion Studio / Museum Door De Stad by Eindhoven Museum / Crossing Lines by Studio Plott / Soft Data: Found In Translation by Atelier Mats Horbach + Studio Anne Ligtenberg / YA Present! by Beroepsorganisatie Nederlandse Ontwerpers / Health is Wealth by Jelle Mastenbroek / Transfer by VANTOT / 特斯韦克 - Tè sī wéi kè by Studio Sander Wassink / Job's Happy Place 2.0 by Job van den Berg / Open Ceramic by Studio Harm + Elke / Boisbuchet / Zuiderzeefood by Zuiderzee Museum / Hartwerp / Objects Of Awareness by Studio Rene Siebum / De Tafel Van Zeven by Onderzoeksatelier Pierke Hulshof / SFS Portal by Stigmery Family Studio / Ulterior by Piet Zwart Institute: Master Interior Architecture: Research + Design / and many more.


After the huge success of last year’s design dinners, What will we eat in 2050?, food design studio The Eatelier and chef Pippens are teaming up once again this year during Dutch Design Week. This time, they are experimenting with happiness, and how to cultivate it through food.

We get into questions like; Why do we like certain foods? Will healthy food make us feel happier? If so, how can we make healthy foods taste better? If depression and anxiety can be a result of an unhealthy intestinal flora, how can we improve that? And why is chocolate so tasty? Does it really make us happier? Can we define the taste of happiness by optimizing the flavor and the sensorial experience? Could we regard food as a drug, if we look at the impact it has on our brain? The big question: why does food make us so happy? What does it do to our brain? Can we anticipate the effects? Could we get happier and smarter by choosing the right things to eat?

By translating scientific research into the world of food, food design studio The Eatelier & creative chef Pippens will answer these questions by creating an eye opening, educational, exciting, and sensorial lunch & dinner experience.



The designers at Sectie-C and food artist Jasper Udink ten Cate, the Creative Chef, join hands in a tasty collaboration during the Dutch Design Week 2018. During this week, visitors can descend upon this spot where creatives open their workshops and studios for a sensory experience. In an intimate atmosphere, you will get acquainted with the designers and their working methods while enjoying a special dinner amid sawing tables, welding machines and drills. The Creative Chef will provide an unforgettable food experience with special flavours and stories where all the senses will be stimulated. In addition, the designers of Sectie-C will enhance the experience with their stories, tests and samples.